BI Squared

Using Innovation Tools to Unearth Knowledge,Leverage Collaboration,Create Value 
and Optimise Companies

Corporate Partnership Experiences

Create more intimate, durable relationships with your stakeholders. Use incentive suites, in stadiums, as venues Leverage traditional corporate entertainment functions to obtain valuable data which will improve your Return on Investment.

Often these opportunities are missed. Companies involve important stakeholders to events as rewards or incentives and to build relationships. This has always been an acceptable outcome.

Corporate Partnership Experiences now offer a greater return by harnessing the potential within these valued guests and turning it into valuable and actionable information.

With Innovation Games ® participants co-innovate, co-create and contribute feedback and ideas. We thereby provide hard data, divided into up to 5 levels of segmentation to highlight trends and important topics.

Past clients include: Computer Associates, Pepsico, Siemens, HTI