BI Squared

(Business Ignition International)

Double Impact Intervention

Presenting the ultimate toolbox to improve your businesses.

By combining the offerings of BI Squared and Grapes to Grange we are able to offer a complete package that caters for both your people and processes.

Developing your appreciation of human behaviour and applying this to your work environment, whether it is in one-to-on conversations or with team members, has a profound impact on your business and relationships.

In providing a platform to capture the experiences and knowledge of stakeholders into actionable data allows for immediate implementation. This collaborative process uncovers hidden challenges and opportunities to accelerate your business immediately.

Both processes culminate in a de-brief session to prepare you to take your business to another level.

In tandem, this combination is unbeatable in offering a unique and comprehensive insight into multiple facets of your business that can be used to implement meaningful steps to improve company’s performance.