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Using Innovation Tools to Unearth Knowledge,Leverage Collaboration,Create Value 
and Optimise Companies

“If you acknowledge that creative thoughts are the engine that drives innovation, suddenly creativity becomes really important.”
                                                                                                                       Tom Kelley, IDEO Partner

12 different studies suggest that “the way we watch, touch, taste, listen, and/or smell affects our analytical thought, creativity, and categorization automatically, and without our conscious awareness”.

Psychology Today

This is an engaging,  mobile, divergent thinking capacity building system to equip company’s staff to think creatively and leverage on their knowledge and experience. Interaction forms a key component of the program and helps embed the creative skills.

How many answers are there to 5 + 5 =10

How can we…….

Discover why analogies are like Icebergs

Companies must innovate to survive and thrive in the VUCA* world. Most don't realize incremental innovation ultimately leads to radical innovation. Employees don’t realize Innovation is not just radical  can be incremental, they don’t realize creativity can be learned and everyone can do it!

Innovation SenseTM promotes cross-functional networking that uses common human senses to associate with skills that can be implemented to innovate everyday in the work environment and it provides impetus to evolve businesses incrementally