BI Squared

Using Innovation Tools to Unearth Knowledge,Leverage Collaboration,Create Value 
and Optimise Companies

Intrapreneurial Fire lighter

Intrapreneurship is a daunting task with many obstacles and although employees have the knowledge and desire, do they have the tools? Do companies need an expert outsider to enter the fray and positively disrupt using collaborative frameworks?

BI2 will work with your team to draw out synergies and provide highly effective, 'out-of-the-box' ideas to streamline and grow your business. Our goal is not to douss the embers and cut the staff overhead, instead we act as catalysts to explode existing potential using collaboration and co-creation.

Insights on customer experience and journeys, suggestions of potential improvements that can be implemented, empathy maps and other CX elements will make dramatic impacts. Service Innovation using the 7P's and RATER models will turn this important component of your offering into a competitive advantage.

With 16 years entrepreneurial experience, a Masters in Innovation and numerous tools on hand, Grant Leibbrandt is well equipped to accompany your team on a journey up the volcano. This is all about collaboration and co-creation, using the team’s combined experience and knowledge to heat things up to ignite business performance. This intervention will create value in areas such as Processes, Services, Products and more. A growth mindset will be instilled and creative abilities will be fostered to ensure a sustainable impact.