BI Squared

Using Innovation Tools to Unearth Knowledge,Leverage Collaboration,Create Value 
and Optimise Companies

  • Unleash creative thinking and transform ideas into concrete concepts
  • Get participants thinking sub-consciously and access their hidden creativity
  • Use kineasthetic, visual and audio means to be more effective
  • Effectively uncover the relationships and connections between people and their worlds. provide an efficient tool for crafting the solution
  • The bricks make it easy to see and – more importantly – understand perceptions and realities.
  • Leverage the expertise in your organization

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® offers an engaging hands-on environment, where the activity is perceived as meaningful, one’s abilities are in balance with the challenge at hand, and one has the tools to express the emerging knowledge. As your team engages in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY process, they apply a new tool for communicating on a deeper level.

Additionally, insights made using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY are immediately actionable. Because the insights come from the people who will implement them, ideas don’t have to be introduced and anchored – they can be set into motion right


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY offers no readymade solutions – it’s all about unframed problem solving. All results emerge from the participants and the situations they experience.