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Business Invigoration

 Combining online and offline approaches to fuel new growth. Read More

Intrapreneuty - Make a impact from inside the company

Collaborate with employees to stoke the fire and positively disrupt  the business using existing capabilities Read More

Building Sustainable Innovation Capacity

Our proprietary, interactive capacity building system equips company's greatest asset, their staff with a toolbox of techniques to help grow the business from the bottom-up. Read More

Using service innovation to create competitive advantage

Service is a critical dimension of company's offerings and must be enhanced to differentiate businesses and get them to lift-off and blast forward.

Start-Up Assistance

We offer entrepreneurial  mentorship, business canvas guidance, feature and benefit idea generation.  We can also assist with goal setting, inter-personal relationship management and improving the  understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of individuals involved in the Start-Up. Read More