BI Squared

Using Innovation Tools to Unearth Knowledge,Leverage Collaboration,Create Value 
and Optimise Companies

BI Squared is focused on discovering new knowledge to grow businesses and creative capacity building. 

We use a combination of proprietary methods to create solutions that will allow companies to enhance their offerings, internal processes and overall competitiveness by unleashing stakeholder's knowledge and experiences

 Both Start-Ups and traditional businesses can benefit from the evolution of their offerings and improved internal and external relationships.Our services include:Innovation Games ® , Lego ® Serious Play ® ,Business Model Innovation, Intrapreneurship, Service Innovation, Creative Capacity Building

Based on years of starting and running businesses including extensive facilitation experience with transformational frameworks; NLP; customer experience and personality profiling accreditation and attainment of a CertIV in Training and Assessment we are able to assist any company to implement substantial, actionable enhancements to their operations and offerings.